Q: How quickly can my order be shipped?

A: We offer same-day shipping. For orders processed after 2:00 PM PST, they will be shipped on the following business day after payment has been submitted.


Q: Am I allowed to use Lashbox LA products for my own training sessions?

A: Certainly, you are able to use Lashbox LA products for your training sessions. Additionally, when you purchase wholesale, your students can receive a 10% discount welcome code; inquire within.


Q: Is the minimum purchase requirement before or after the discount is applied?

A: The minimum purchase requirement pertains to the amount after the discount has been applied.


Q: Why is there a minimum purchase requirement?

A: Our wholesale buyers are eligible for exceptional discounts that are only achievable through bulk ordering. By purchasing in large quantities, you are able to receive these discounts.


Q: Do I always have to meet the minimum purchase requirement when ordering wholesale?

A: Yes, however, this requirement only comes into effect 4-8+ weeks from the ship date of your last minimum order.


Q: How long is the discount extended for?

A: The discount is extended for 4-8+ weeks from when the order was shipped, enabling you to place additional orders with the same discount and no minimums.


Q: Can I use Afterpay for wholesale ordering?

A: Yes, you may use Afterpay for wholesale ordering. However, please note that Afterpay's lending terms have a maximum of $2000, and an 8% processor fee will be included at checkout.


Q: Should I wait for a sale to purchase?

A: No, you do not need to wait for a sale to purchase. LBLA only has one sitewide sale per year.


Q: Can I split the payment between a credit/debit card and Afterpay?

A: Yes, it is possible to divide the payment between a credit/debit card and Afterpay.


Q: Can I change which package I want at any time?

A: Yes, you may change your package at any time. Please let us know which package you would like to switch to so that we can adjust your account accordingly.


Q: Am I able to sell LBLA products?

A: Yes, you are permitted to retail all LBLA products, provided that you use our stock photos and description details from our website and do not disassemble parts to sell separately.


Q: Can I sell or gift the free class given with the Girlboss or Mega Babe packages?

A: Yes, you may sell or gift the free class given with the Girlboss or Mega Babe packages. However, please note that the person purchasing or receiving the gift of the class will still need to meet our minimum requirements.